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The AI Program (Acre Intel Program) is a comprehensive and holistic approach for your farm’s successful management of fertility and agronomic data. It creates structure around your individual farming needs, giving you the “easy button” for all of the services Heartland Soil Services offers.


Account Manager Assigned to You and Your Farm

Amortized Billing Structure

VRT Technology Implementation 

Comprehensive Yield Data Analysis


What is Required to Be Part Of the Program?

Just a hand shake! No contracts or anything like that! Yield data collection is not required for the program. If you have yield data and would like us to run yield analytics at your request, that is a perk of the program and comes at no additional cost to you! 

How is the Information About My Farm Gathered?

We sit down with you for a consultation to explain the AI program to you, during that time we will go over specifics related to your operation such as your cropping rotations, products and equipment that you use. We will tailor the AI program to your operational needs!

Once Enrolled, How Long Am I A Part of The Program?

The program is based on a 4 year rotation. We will look at your historical grid sampling information that you may have and we will build a rotation for when each field is to be soil sampled. At the end of 4 years, you will have current and up to date agronomic information on all of your enrolled fields so that we can write VRT fertility recommendations on all acres. The grid sampling process just starts over again for another 4 year rotation.

Unlock the potential of your land and crops with Heartland Soil Services. Our comprehensive soil management solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Talk to us today to discover how we can help you achieve your agricultural dreams.

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